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We specialise in creating bespoke and creative interiors for your home , completely remotely. You can purchase our services at fixed rates and manage the entire process online from your home for your convenience.

Francesca Diana will study for you materials, lighting placement, indoor gardening arrangement, along with the size of furniture and decorative elements. Throughout the design development process you will have the ability to communicate directly with us via live chat. Your input and feedback will be invaluable to achieve a final design, built around your own personal requirements to reflect your unique taste and personality.

How it works

Your own dedicated personal expert designer
We have designed online interior design packages tailored to suit every need. There is a package for single rooms, one for multi-functional rooms or lofts and also a solution designed for property renovations. Once you have selected the package that suits you best, you will meet with Francesca Diana, who will manage your project to completion step-by-step.

Getting to know each other better
In order to get an accurate, precise and detailed idea of your requirements, wishes and taste, we will need to ask you the right questions, which is why in the first step of the process you will receive a detailed questionnaire. We will ask you questions about the space to be designed and transformed within the project. Additionally we will ask you to send us some photographs or short videos of your space, together with images that express the feeling, mood and ambience you are looking for. We’ll also require some measurements, to ensure the design choices are in proportion to your space. Don’t worry if you don’t have a floor plan to scale, even a hand sketch noting key dimensions will be perfectly adequate.

The first layouts
From the package of information that you provide, we will create a detailed threedimensional model of your space. Using the digital collage technique, we will create evocative images graphically describing two options, these will provide a method which will allow us to define the atmosphere, ambience and feel of your transformed space. Take your time to decide which path to take, with the reassurance that Francesca will be at your disposal for questions and clarifications. During every project we welcome feedback to help us to achieve the perfect result for your space.

Your personalised project
Once you have agreed on the character of your space, you will receive the final design. We will give you a highly detailed printable plan with all the necessary indications to perfectly position the furniture, interior elements and lighting. You will also receive a complete itinerary of furniture and other items, always in line with your specifications and budget, to add additional unique personal touches to your space. Finally, we will provide practical advice on how to arrange decorative elements to create focal points and make the most of your space.

After-sales service
We love to know how you use your space and whether you are satisfied with it. If you have any doubts while your project is underway, you can always contact us and we’ll help you work out the details, even within three months of delivery.

Do you want to further enrich your project? You can supplement the packages with our expert graphical services that include adding details to your 3D model and creating beautiful photorealistic views.


We have put together a number of packages to meet your desire for change. You can start with a small touch of style, renovate an entire room or let us guide you through the process of creating larger rooms. Choose the package that suits you best or contact us for a customised solution.

Refresh package

Small budget, big effect!
Whether you're thinking of a stylish corner in your living room, a detail to impress your guests or a stunning new backdrop for your Zoom meetings, this is the package for you.

• Brief
• Moodboard
• Pianta arredata 2D
• Detailed decorated 2D floor plan

Average turnaround time: 1 2 weeks, starting from order’s placement.


Create Package

A designer transformation without renovation

Designed for the residential sector with spaces up to 20 sqm. This is the ideal package if you want to give a room a completely new personality without having to undertake a complete
renovation. We will help you define every detail, from the size and position of key furniture to the choice of lamps, colours, materials and decorative objects.

• Brief
• Moodboard
• 2D furnished floor plan complete with lighting
• Two 3D views in black and white
• Shopping tips and furnishing accessories
• Colour and finish card
• Selection of indoor plants complete with care and growth sheet

Average turnaround time: 1 2 weeks, starting from order’s placement.


Revolution Package

A bespoke, unique and tailored living space created from scratch

The best of the best for the most complex projects. Do you want to revolutionise an open space, completely reorganise a loft or renovate a bathroom and kitchen? This package, dedicated to spaces up to 45 sqm, is tailored especially for you.

• Brief
• Moodboard
• 2D furnished floor plan complete with lighting
• Demolition and reconstruction plan
• Two photorealistic 3D views (renderings)
• Shopping tips and furnishing accessories
• Colour and finish card
• Selection of indoor plants complete with care and growth sheet

Average turnaround time: 1 2 weeks, starting from order’s placement.



Our packages are primarily designed for the residential sector, but we extensive experience in the field and can accommodate any other request. Please contact us to discuss which package is best for you or alternatively design a customised solution!

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