We put the well-being, satisfaction and happiness of our clients at the very centre of what we do, its the core value of our work. We recognise the direct connection between you and your space, how you interact with it. The way it makes you feel everyday, and the beneficial change that our transformations can bring.

We aspire to create bespoke, tailored and unique interiors that have balance, beauty and the strength of our core design principles. The enthusiasm of our clients to improve their spaces is our inspiration, and therefore fundamental in producing a successful transformation.

Dr Francesca Diana, founder of the studio, was trained in Italy but the majority of her career has been spent in the UK, where she has enjoyed a successful career working in both the public and private sectors, within residential and workspace refurbishment.

2016   /   Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Edile Architettura 

2010   /   Dottorato in Architettura

2019   /   5 anni di esperienza professionale nel Regno Unito

2021  /    Nasce Francesca Diana Online Interior Design


Our packages are primarily designed for the residential sector, but we extensive experience in the field and can accommodate any other request. Please contact us to discuss which package is best for you or alternatively design a customised solution!

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